Rose Brass Rib Cage Ring
Rose Brass Rib Cage Ring

Rose Brass Rib Cage Ring

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Rib Cage Goth Ring, Statement Ring, in Chocolate/Rose Gold color Brass

The ring is open in the back, so that the size can be adjusted to fit your finger. Please indicate your approximate size so that I can make some adjustments as well.

The ring is my most organic design.

Please note that all jewelry pieces are handmade, thus there will be minor variations from the pieces shown in the shop pictures. Handcrafted jewelry will include subtle differences, even if the design is reproduced.

Please keep in mind that my rings in all metals ( solid silver, brass, and bronze) have been oxidized, e.g. aged. When you have these rings cleaned by a professional, please let them know so that they don't remove the entire oxidization from the metal.