Artist Bio

Chad Wortman was born in Chicago Illinois, in 1978. From a very young age, he drew everything he could see or dream up. He could see proportion better than other kids and remembers noticing perspective before having ever been taught about it. Other kids would draw horses and ducks, but their drawings looked nothing like those animals. His goal at seven or eight was to focus on realism, stay within the lines and pay attention to the details.
Even at that young age, Chad knew if he had the proportions correct, he was already a better artist than most of the older kids. He's been an artist since he could hold a crayon at two or three years old, but it wasn’t until Junior High that he knew someday he would pursue a career in Art.  Friends used to compliment his sketches.  Art teachers had always told Chad “With effort and practice, you could be great”.
During Highschool he could think of little else than creating art. He had a small group of friends that would get together after school in a friend’s basement and draw for hours.  

Chad is currently an undergraduate Visual Development student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, expected to graduate in 2025. He is now focusing on building his portfolio and applying for internships.
Chad has strong skills in using Adobe Photoshop to increase the aliveness of his drawing, as well as a good value system, light and shadow, color fundamentals, and foundations.
Chad hopes that one day he can work for a company like Blizzard Entertainment, or Ubisoft and become a successful Character designer concept artist. Chad continues to practice and refine his skills, finding his own styles and improving them over time, to achieve success in his desired career.