Yellow Brass Skull Ring
Yellow Brass Skull Ring

Yellow Brass Skull Ring

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Heavy Duty Brass Skull Ring

Inspired by urban dark fashion, and post-apocalyptic imagery, this beautifully handcrafted, unpolished, heavily oxidized silver skull ring, is one of my most rustic looking skull designs. It'll add a rock style to your outfit.

If you need a size that's not listed, please message me.

All rings are year-stamped. Comes in a crystal box. A high-quality polishing cloth is included with your purchase.

Please note that all jewelry pieces are handmade, thus there will be some insignificant variations from the pieces shown in the shop pictures. Handcrafted jewelry will include some differences, even if the design is reproduced.

Please keep in mind that Rebel Ideal rings in all metals ( solid silver, brass, and bronze) have been oxidized.
When you have this ring cleaned by a professional, please let them know so that they don't remove the entire oxidization from the metal.