Yellow Brass 8-Skull Band Ring

Yellow Brass 8-Skull Band Ring

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Copyright 2018 Rebel Ideal® 8-Skull Band Ring, Wedding Band or just a cute skull band to wear every day
A symbol of impermanence, skulls were used in many different kinds of ancient rituals and religious art as a reminder of your own death. It may also function as your support when confronting your fears, like the fear of death and the irrational fear of creepy things like skulls, corpses, and ghosts.

MATERIAL USED: Yellow Brass (Thai Gold)

Please note that all jewelry pieces are handmade, thus there will be minor variations from the pieces shown in the shop pictures. Handcrafted jewelry will include subtle differences, even if the design is reproduced.

Please keep in mind that Rebel Ideal rings in all metals ( solid silver, brass, and bronze) have been oxidized, e.g. aged. When you have this ring cleaned by a professional, please let them know so that they don't remove the entire oxidization from the metal.